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Data Warehouse & Analytics

Data Warehouse & Analytics

A data warehouse is a centralized storage system for diverse organizational data, while analytics involves extracting insights from that data. Together, they enable businesses to make informed decisions by providing a unified and optimized platform for comprehensive data analysis. This integration enhances reporting, supports strategic planning, and empowers organizations to leverage data strategically for increased efficiency and competitiveness.

Predictive analytics and Machine learning are an integral part of Enterprise Intelligent automation. Predictive Analytic models are used to orchestrate and transform the data towards business insight and decision point.

Predictive analytic platform receives data from various sources like business application, data warehouse, big data management platforms like Hadoop, etc. Machine Learning tool works between the analytic model and the blended source data inputs, to automatically adopt changes/additions in parameters, values, attributes, etc. in order to achieve system self-learning and AI capability.

OMFYS provides implementation and support services for Predictive analytic modelling using ‘R’ and Python technologies. Also, we provide services and support for implementing and managing server infrastructure environment for predictive analytic platform, on premise, cloud or Hybrid. We offer specialized services that leverage Oracle tools.

Common Use Cases

  • Employee Life Cycle and Retention Analysis.
  • Fraud analysis.
  • Reduce inventory carry costs.
  • Market basket analysis.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Many more

A Brief Insight about OMFYS – The Inception

OMFYS is a one stop source for Digital Transformation solutions and services. OMFYS is a global IT company, having a presence in India, UAE, UK and USA. OMFYS provides solutions and services for enterprise business process digital transformation.

OMFYS mainly offers; business rule engine automation, business process management workflow automation, predictive analytic platform, visualization solutions, digital assistant platform (AI ChatBot) solutions, RPA & Cognitive Solutions, middleware solutions, and other cutting edge technology Integration Solutions on Cloud.

OMFYS has a highly skilled, well-trained and motivated team ready to work cohesively to deliver business process digital transformation solutions and services across India, UK, US & APAC regions. The business operations across the globe are efficiently supported by the company’s development centers located in India, UK and US.


OMFYS transforms the enterprise business processes to Industry 4.0 level by automating Process Management Workflow, Business Rule Engine, Business Application solutions, Digital assistants and Digital Workforce Platforms, Application Integrations, AI & Analytics and Mobility. Fulfilling consumer requirements and providing solutions are a result of a detail oriented methodology that we at OMFYS can efficiently navigate through. Our Minds For Your Solutions is the perfect cross-road for Digital Transformation.

The Key differentiator

  • OMFYS is a one stop source for implementing the entire stack of the Digital transformation platform.
  • OMFYS has great success stories around transforming enterprise business processes and improving operational agility, employee experience & customer experience.
  • Pioneer in Oracle Digital Assistant (AI Chatbot) platform solutions
  • OMFYS is specialized in having core expertise in Oracle iPaaS/PaaS solutions like, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Analytic Cloud and Autonomous Data Warehousing, VBCS and APEX, etc.
  • Partner with Oracle Corporation, and preferred SI for Cx cloud and iPaaS/PaaS solution Implementations.
  • •Strategic partner with Automation Anywhere Inc. We have been recognised for "Excellence in Business Process Automation – India" as part of Automation Anywhere’s prestigious IMEA Partner Awards 2020.
  • •Practice-wise/technology-wise CoE in order to ensure excellence and scalability in project delivery.